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  • You're willing to die for yours, I'm willing to kill for mine

    Filthy Finesse
  • Condoms are cheaper than pampers

    Filthy Finesse
  • If it aint worth fighting for, why are you talking about it? If it is worth fighting for, why are you talking about it!

    Filthy Finesse
  • Just because i was forced to grow up fast doesn't mean I never had a dream and just because I'm from the streets doesnt mean i dont have a soul

    Filthy Finesse
  • days are long but life is short, I'll see the world before they put me on life support

    Filthy Finesse


ReleasesLatest releases

  • filthyfinesse
    Truth Be Told Number of tracks : 5

    Album Name: Truth Be Told

    Composer: Filthy Finesse

    Release Date:

    Genre: Rap / Hip Hop


    These are the only tracks leaked thus far from Filthy's highly anticipated sophomore album! No release date has been announced, but the title "Truth Be Told" has been confirmed!


    1. MoJo

    2. I Can’t Breathe

    3. Be Great

    4. Can’t Tell Me Shit

    5. No Justice No Peace

  • Trillmatic Number of tracks : 7

    Album Name: Trillmatic

    Composer: Filthy Finesse

    Release Date: 2013/07/14

    Genre: Rap / Hip Hop


    Trillmatic is a complete story of the rough life and times of Filthy Finesse, which is a must hear. A true 'nothing to something' story that addresses his 'come ups' and success story as well as his shortcomings and humble beginnings. A modern day classic which he deemed his 'Audio-biography'. Considered a dirty south lyricist, his hypnotic flow and mesmerizing beat production are sure to please. 'Trillmatic' is a flawless street album, that will captivate you from the first song, to the last ... containing street anthems, club bangers, sultry R&B features, and soul bearing life stories and 'tell all's'.  In only 10 songs, Filthy dictates your emotions, taking you from one end of the spectrum to the other, while telling his actual life story.





    1. I’m Out Chea

    2. Light’em Up

    3. Asylum

    4. Never Sleep

    5. Rock

    6. One Stop Shop

    7. Goin All Out

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Filthys FinesseArtist

  • Filthy Finesse

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Filthy FinesseNick Name: Hitman, Mr MainEvent, Street MogulBirth Date: 1986/09/19Place Of Birth: Raleigh, NCOccupation: Rap

    Best Known For

    His debut album 'Trillmatic' and talk of his high energy performances seem to proceed him.


    A TRAP LYRICIST! Being a product of the 'golden era' of Rap & Hip Hop, it should be no surprise that Filthy insists upon maintaining a high level of lyricism, despite the stereotypes of his southern roots. Considered a dirty south lyricist, his hypnotic flow and mesmerizing beat production are sure to please. He's created his own lane, or revitalized one, by refusing to be one demential and maintaining his diversity. At a quick listen, he may sound like a 'trap rapper' but the punchlines and word play are there. 'A convict with a conscious' he deemed himself. 'I make music for radio and food for thought' he elaborates, 'Since I don't have a facade to keep up, I can make music that reflects all of my different moods, not just a select few'

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